Café Haruhino

Café Menu

Our menu is homemade with traditional vegetables and seasonal produce from Nara. Our café is about 80 years old and was renovated from an old folk house. You can relax in Japanese-style room with Tatami taking off your shoes. All of the pottery that the food is served in is made by us, Haruhino-Gama.
*You can make a reservation for lunchtime.

Recommended Menu

Haruhino Gohan (Set Meal)

We provide set meals inspired by Nara's events. Enjoy the gentle taste. Making a reservation is recommended due to limited quantities.
1,500 yen (with dessert and drink)

Hakutaku Udon Noodle

“Hakutaku" is a flat noodle that is said to be the root of udon noodle. In ancient times, it was offered to the Gods at Kasuga Taisha Shrine. Enjoy its smooth texture. Tempura is made with Nara's traditional vegetables such as Yamato-Imo, string peppers, Udakin-gobo, and Tsutsui-renkon.
1,000 yen (with vegetable tempura)

Haruhino Shaved Ice (summer season only)

Enjoy fluffy shaved ice made from Hinode Ice's pure ice with homemade syrup. We offer seasonal menu items such as "Strawberry Berry Milk" using Nara's brand strawberries "Kotoka", "Wasanbon Condensed Milk Azuki" topped with home-made condensed milk boiled down with Wasanbon sugar and azuki beans from Uda, "Yamato Koicha Ice" made with plenty of Yamato matcha green tea from Nara.
From 700 yen (mini size from 500 yen)

Strawberry Milk
800 yen
*Small size 580 yen
Wasam-Bon with Condensed Milk and Azuki Beans
700 yen
*Small size 500 yen
Red Perilla Milk
(We start serving it from July.)
700 yen
*Small size 500 yen

Other Menu

Coffee (with cookies)
463 yen (500 yen, tax included)
Tea (in a pot, with cookies)
593 yen (640 yen, tax included)
500 yen (540 yen, tax included)
Matcha Latte
593 yen (640 yen, tax included)
Zenzai (Sweet Red-Bean Soup)
630 yen (680 yen, tax included)
Cream An-Mitsu (Diced agar, Cream, and Red Bean Jam)
695 yen (750 yen, tax included)
Today’s Baked Goods
From 400 yen
Beer, Shochu (Japanese Distilled Spirit), Sake
From 600 yen