En-Musubi Pottery Art Workshop

En-Musubi Pottery Art Workshop

We have some pottery art workshop that you can feel the connection to Nara. You will see a lot of pottery in our store and meet your favorite ones. They have their own character but will fit in with any plate. Depends on the menu, you can take your pottery home the same day you make it. Feel free to make a reservation.

Pottery Art Workshop Menu

Most Popular Making En-Musubi Rice Bowl (Throwing)

You can make a rice bowl to pray connecting to Nara. (Wishing for a great relationship with someone coming together is also great.) After this workshop, we recommend going to Kasuga Taisha Shrine or Meoto Shrine and praying for a great relationship with someone.

Making En-Musubi Rice Bowl (Throwing)
4,000 yen per person

No. 2 Popularity Shin-Roku Coloring

Enjoy coloring or drawing patterns as you like on the pottery that was inspired by the deer of Kasuga Taisha Shrine. You can take it home the same day.

Couple Deer
Male Deer
Female Deer
4,000 yen
2,100 yen
2,100 yen

Other Menu

Pottery Art Workshop

You can create your pottery from clay by using electrical wheel throwing or hand building.
It will take 2 or 3 months to complete these processes from making and glazing to finish baking.

Pottery Art Workshop
4,000 yen (without tax) per person

Shosoin Pattern Coloring Workshop

You can choose your favorite pattern from 4 and color a plate with pigments. If you would like to bake it to complete, it will take 1 or 2 months. (When it is not baked you cannot use it for food.)

3,200 yen (without tax) per piece

*It takes 1 pr 2 months to complete.

2,700 yen (without tax) per piece

*It is not for food. You can take it home soon.

Daianji Pattern Coloring Workshop

You press the stamps with four petal flower on a pplace and color it with pigments. It will take 2 or 3 months to complete baking.

Daianji Pattern Coloring Workshop
3,300 yen (without tax) per piece

Popular Options with Pottery Art Workshop

Lunch Set Course

You can have lunch before or after the workshop (Haruhino meal, dessert and coffee), plus 1,000 yen. Please make a reservation in advance.

*You can choose what you would like to make from cup, mug and bowl. Ask us about the detail.

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