What’s Haruhino-Gama?

Small Pottery Art Café
Located at the foot of Kasuga Okuyama

We met an old fold house close to Kasuga Taisha Shrine and opened as Haruhino-Gama in 2014. We are supported by Nara people and spirit from our Gods. We have our pottery art workshop, a gallery and a cafe together and you will love Nara.
That is why we started pottery art workshop for En-Musubi Bowl (*En-Musubi means "wishing or having a good relationship with someone you love") and Coloring Deer Figurine and so on, and started providing Hakutaku-Udon Noodle that has the origin from Kasuga Taisha Shrine, in our cafe so that you can feel Nara history and spirit.
We wish you will have a good "En-Musubi" with you and Nara, also you and someone you love in Haruhino-Gama. Come to visit us!

Café Haruhino

While deer pass in front of our store, coming and going to the park in the early morning and to the mountains at nightfall, you can enjoy the handmade taste of Nara traditional vegetables and seasonal ingredients at the café. Enjoy our seasonal specialties such as "Haruhino Gohan", "Hakutaku Udon Noodle" made with flat noodles, which is said to be the root of udon, and fluffy "Haruhino Shaved Ice" made with pure ice from Hinode Ice, which is only available in summer.

En-Musubi Pottery Art Workshop and Store

You can also enjoy our pottery art workshop with the café. Let’s make your original pottery with a gentle texture in a warm atmosphere. In addition to pottery workshop, coloring workshop is also available. Booking is recommended. You can also buy our pottery in the store and online.